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PostSubject: FAQs   FAQs Icon_minitime1Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:29 pm

[size=150]Here r some solutions for ur frequently faced problem ..[/size]

Quote :
Whats the minimum requirements to play crazy kart ??
FAQs Mrfcr9

Quote :
I have very less graphic and no graphic card and no mother board cd
Here the minimum reqirements is of abt 16 mb .. but ur graphics didnt meet our requirements .. so will face some graphics problems . Better to upgrade the graphics card

Quote :
i have laptop but full of virus please help me

u can use best antivirus like avg , bit defender,etc to remove ur virus from lappy .. lappy can support ck without any problems

Quote :
what are the downloading link u have
i recommend you to download crazy kart from our official website.
Avoid downloading the game from any other website as there are chances of Virus attack or spy wares.

it have full ck and also latest patches

Quote :
From 3 days i tried to downlaod ck more dan 20 times but failed

can u tell abt ur internet connection ... if u have very low internet connection u will face many problems in downloading ..Take a ping report and send to gms..Here is the method of taking ping report..

To take a Trace Report, follow these simple instructions:

1. Click Start
2. Select Run and Type "CMD", press enter
3. Command prompt window will open up.
4. Type this "tracert"

Once the trace completes, take a Ping Report by typing in the following in the CMD prompt: "ping -t"

Now to send us the report, follow these steps in the CMD window:

1. Press ALT+Spacebar, then click Select All.
2. Again press ALT+Spacebar and click Copy.
3. Then in your email, press Ctrl+V to paste the traceroute text.

Quote :
Player ______ should be a cheater.and then race starts late...n at the end of the racce i get dc n my exp gets in minus n ppl think i hack... please do smthing...
~ sometimes if u leave race after finishing the race, you get negative exp.
~ Its because of your poor internet connection, when your ping gets high you get kicked out of the room.
~ If u leave ckpl rooms in between u might get like this



Quote :
I m getting error like this : updating configuraton profile, please wait
The problem here is that the game is unable to update/download one file from the server.

I'd request you to kindly do the following:

- Open the Config folder under "C:\Program Files\Zapak\CrazyKart\data" path.
- Delete the shopconfig.xml file in that folder
- Look for the file called GameConst.ini make sure the following is written in it. If not, please copy paste this into that file and save it.


- Run the game again and check if the message still appears. If it still shows, do the following:
- Click the following link and download the rar file
- Extract the "shopconfig.xml" file inside using winrar and make sure the extracted file is placed inside data folder. (Place where u deleted it in step 2)

Quote :
I face problems in windows vista only

Vista users should disable UCP for the smooth functioning of the game.

You should try running the game while logged in as administrator.

Check your firewall settings and make sure ports 6900, 6901, 9600 and 9601 are open. You could also switch off the firewall completely if you are not sure how to do this.

Reinstall the game in a different folder and then run the game. (Make sure you do everything with Admin account)

Quote :
I m facing some graphical problem even though i have installed DirectX .

If you have installed Win Xp or above your Direct X 9 or above will be installed in your system by default. Just update your graphic drivers as per your graphic manufacturer.
and also check ,
- Display drivers/graphic card settings
- Any software running in background while you
- Virus issue
- Make sure you have enough memory allocated to your graphic card

download latest version of DirectX 9.0c (windows XP)

Quote :
I m getting an error like this : Your client doesnot match current version. please run the patcher or visit to download the latest client

Follow the steps below to update your game. This is the shortcut way to manually update your game to the LATEST VERSION.

- Click Here -> 0tudwe
- Download the "CK-FullUpdate.rar" file (53 MB)
- Extract the contents into your crazykart folder replacing all files.
- Start the game, this should update your game to latest version so no patching required.
- Your game should work fine after this.

Quote :
Ck Updating bar not progressing at all..
after some time d start button gets activated
just like in offline mode..

Follow these steps to update shopconfig.xml manually.

- Download this file:
- Extract the shopconfig.xml file inside this rar
- Move the extracted file into the "data/config" folder inside your Crazykart folder
-------- Default path should be = c:\program files\zapak\crazykart\data\config
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