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 Crazykart Tips !!

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Crazykart Tips !! Empty
PostSubject: Crazykart Tips !!   Crazykart Tips !! Icon_minitime1Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:53 pm

Hello Oops,

Crazy Kart has a very simple control system. Although simple, mastery of the game, the maps and the items isn’t easy as it seems. That’s all part of the fun and the challenge.

The basics are just the arrow keys, up-down-left-right. Like any racing game, UP accelerates, DOWN is braking and left/right are steering. You can only switch power-ups once in a race btw.

The most important thing to master is the drift. You have to drift at tight turns to avoid bumping into railings or running into mud or water. These will cost you time. Some maps call for drifting a lot (the advanced maps).

If you’re in the room, you can have “chat macros”. Just press the number keys for messages such as “start the race”, etc.

Meanwhile, here are the navigation controls ... ntrol2.gif
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Crazykart Tips !!
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